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In addition to leasing out your property, we also offer complete property management. Our ongoing management services include everything outlined in the Lease Only section, as well as the following:

  1. Rent Collection - Tenants pay rent directly to our office via check.

  2. Record Keeping - Full accounting records are maintained for all properties. Owners receive detailed monthly statements as well as end of the year 1099 for tax purposes.

  3. Maintenance Requests - We handle all maintenance requests. We coordinate with the tenants and vendors to ensure the repair is taken care of quickly and efficiently. We maintain a detailed vendor list with only licensed and bonded vendors. We are available 24 hours a day to handle any emergencies that require immediate attention. We are able to provide significant cost savings to our owners by utilizing discounts provided by preferred vendors.

  4. Lease Enforcement - We have a tied and true Lease built to protect you and your investment. We strive to address potential problems with our tenants before they escalate. In the unlikely event that an eviction must be performed, we will coordinate with the eviction attorney.

  5. Lease Renewals - Renewal agreements are negotiated and executed with tenants prior to the expiration of their lease. Our goal is to keep the vacancy rates as low as possible for our buildings.

  6. Bi-Annual Property Inspections - Our management team conducts scheduled bi-annual inspections of our properties and provides reports to our owners. This ensures your property is being well maintained by your tenant.

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